Chat for Facebook and Ning now available!

Blendapps allows anyone to create fully integrated real-time chat rooms for either Facebook or Ning Networks. With Blendapps you get state of the art chat that is easy to use, well integrated and also a choice of different chat providers - either Meebo or Userplane.

In three easy steps, anyone with basic internet skills can choose from the most popular Internet chat applications to build their own chat room, which will recognize Facebook’s and Ning’s users, display their profile pictures, and link to their profiles.

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Advantages with Blendapps Chat

  • Simplicity. There are zero files to install. Blendapps Chat Module creates a simple code to be pasted wherever you would like the chat to appear.
  • Stability. Blendapps Chat Module runs in Google’s App Engine servers. This means your chat solution is backed by a stable platform that can support your growth.
  • Control. You are in control. Blendapps provides you with your personal control panel where you can manage all configurations of your chat rooms.
  • Security. Blendapps Chat Module doesn’t break your network. All the magic happens in an iFrame. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it means that the module runs independent of your network (but it’s still integrated!).
  • Privacy. Your chat rooms can allow guests to chat, or limit the view to only Ning members - you decide.
  • Top of the line. We aren’t reinventing the wheel with chat. Instead, we integrate the best and proven chat solutions on the net to work on your networks in an integrated way.
  • Variety. Today we are proud to partner with Meebo to offer Meebo Rooms and with Userplane to offer Userplane WebChat as the first Blendapps integrated chats for Facebook and Ning. We are currently working with other chat companies to expand that offering to all major chat providers on the Internet.
  • Free. Every chat you create is free. So, whether you want one chat room or one thousand chat rooms, they are all free!

Blendapps aims to make mashups easy and usable for everyone. We worry about the complexity, you
reap the rewards.

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